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Angels- Spike & Dawn

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April 25th, 2006 at 5:47pm]

wheresmyangels will continue here

Thanks for reading!
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I'm lost and these shadows keep on changing [Friday
February 3rd, 2006 at 11:13pm]

I finally managed to convince Spike to split up with me, well okay...convince probably wasn't the exact word I'd use for it. More like guilted him into almost agreeing with me before I ran off on him. Sunrise was so close that Spike couldn't afford to waste time chasing me and dragging me back to the inn, he had to get himself inside. I think deep down he knew I was right anyway. It hadn't taken the Order long at all to catch up with the two of us and now they weren't going to do anything except chase us down all the way back to London. They'd chase us until Spike was dead and that would be the end of it. There'd be nothing left that we could do. The problem was? Even with Spike in the mix I wasn't sure what we could do about them. How was Spike supposed to stop a gang that had grown so fast in numbers the way The Lairetcab had? I didn't have all the puzzle put together but I knew that it wouldn't be long before Giles did. That was why it was more important that Spike get there than it was that I did.

That was why I'd run off on him like that. Because he was the only one that could stop this thing and I was just going to slow him down. He was going to get to London ten times faster if I wasn't being dragged along. Unless I could find a car. That was one of the upsides of not being a vampire. I could still move around in the daylight and that meant I could hunt around for a car. I knew the nearest city was miles away but this little broken town had to have something. If I couldn't find anything I was going to have to hike through the woods again and see if I could flag down the next car that passed. I wasn't looking forward to navigating the woods without Spike but at least this time the sun would be up and I wouldn't have to stumble in the dark. Hopefully it wouldn't even come to that. Hopefully I could find something in this town.

Stumbling along the dirt road through the center of town I tilted my chin up when the first beads of sunlight started to pan throughout the sidewalk. Watching the sun rise up over the hills I was glad that I didn't have to worry about slayer killing vampires chasing me down for at least the next long stretch of hours. Long enough to reach the next city? I hoped so. I needed to find a car or at the very least a phone so I could call Giles for money. Since right now? I had nothing. Literally. Nothing except a stake tucked away in my coat and really? I wasn't all that bad with a stake but I didn't exactly have slayer coordination working for me like Buffy and the rest of them had. Mostly I was good with the researching and running away. Which was what I was doing now I guess. Except I was doing this for a reason, because I wasn't lying when I told Spike I needed him to do this for me. Any time I thought of anything happening to Buffy or Faith I felt the rumbling in my tummy. I wasn't going to lose anymore of my friends or family.

When I got closer to the edge of town I wiped the back of my arm across my face, the sleeve catching most of the dirt and tears that had smudged there. When I picked my head back up I narrowed my eyes at the structure at the edge of the woods. A big white church with the tallest steeple I'd ever seen and a barn right next to it. Weird. I wondered if there was something I could use, at least inside the barn. Walking towards it, I pried my fingertips between the two large doors trying to budge them open. Locked. Foiled again, Dawnie. With a frown I walked along the perimeter of the building until I reached a small dusty window in the back. Standing up on my tiptoes I wiped some of the smudged dirt away with my fingertips before peering through the murky glass. Bingo. There was a beat up old van inside and now all I needed to do was get inside with it.

Finding an old barrel outside I propped it up underneath the window and crawled up on top of it. Turning my face away from the window I raised my elbow and pushed it through the glass as hard as I could. It was harder than it looked on TV but it did the trick. Now I just had to ignore the trickle of blood making it's way underneath my sleeve and down towards my wrist. Pulling the material over my hand I pushed the rest of the glass inside before attempting to push myself through the broken window. Once my sneakers hit the soft ground and broken glass I headed towards the gray van. Pulling open the driver's door I hopped into the seat and started feeling underneath the dash for a spare key. Come on, there had to be one. No hope of getting a lesson in hot-wiring from Spike with the sun shining bright outside. I poured through the ashtray, looked underneath the visor and the seats, everywhere I could think of.

Swearing under my breath (a bad habit I'd picked up from Faith), I climbed out of the van and slammed the door shut. That was okay. I was sure there had to be a spare key somewhere in the empty church. Now I just had to find it. Creeping inside through the small door that connected the two buildings I glanced around the empty hallway. I just had to find the office. I mean, if they were going to keep a key to a van anywhere it'd be there, right? Unfortunately I had to go through the chapel to get really anywhere. Creepy much? I wrinkled my nose when I walked into the chapel, the sound of my footsteps echoing off the high ceilings as I tentatively walked towards the altar. There was another door to the left of it and I was hoping I'd find what I was looking for there because the hair on the back of my neck was beginning to stand up.

I heard a scratch behind me and I knew why I'd been so freaked out. Because there was good reason to be. Turning around quickly I didn't see anything behind me until I raised my eyes up towards the ceiling. On the balcony overhead I saw a row of vampires, the Order watching me through bright yellow eyes. Hearing more noise filling in around me I turned around again and noticed that I was completely surrounded on all four sides. Finally I turned back towards the altar again and that was when I realized that the liquid in the glasses? Not wine. Crap. Leave it to me to run straight into the one place I should have stayed away from. Their hideout. I guess we were closer to London than we thought.

"Uh. I-I was just leaving." I stammered out as I quickly started running towards the door. I didn't make it that far when they jumped down in front of me and instead I had to take a quick step backwards.

"You're not going anywhere." One of them promised me as some of the vampires behind me grabbed onto my arms and held me still. "Where's the vampire?" The leader demanded, taking a few steps closer to me.

"Like I'd really tell you that!" I spat back at him, struggling to free my arms from the holds they had on me. With a snarl he lashed out quickly and grabbed my throat, pressing down with his fingers hard. Ow. I tried backing away from him towards the other vampires but instead he jerked me forward and out of their grip, his fingers tightening on my throat as he pulled me closer.

"You will tell me. I have ways of making people talk." He whispered in my ear as he pulled me up onto my tiptoes. My mouth opened and closed again, struggling to breathe, my fingernails digging into his fingers just as my free hand disappeared into my coat pocket. In one bold moment I stared at him for a second before pulling the stake free and plunging it into his chest. He gaped at me for a second before throwing me from him hard, his eyes burning into mine.

"And I have ways of making vampires dusty." I rasped out as he turned to dust and hit the floor.

That was what happened when the vampires thought I was just another stupid kid, it always took them by surprise. I'd killed the leader but the problem with killing leaders was that there was always a second in command desperate to jump in and take over. About three dozen second in commands jumped on me about then and I guess I could count my blessings that the first blow made my head hit the floor so hard that I blacked out. I didn't want to know what happened after that.

When I woke up I was mostly surprised that I woke up at all and partly wishing that I hadn't. My head hurt so bad I almost wanted to curl up into a ball and hide my eyes in the darkness between my knees. Ow. With a groan I finally raised my hand to my forehead, squeezing my eyes shut until I felt a cold hand clamp down on my shoulder. Instantly I gasped and opened my eyes only to find Spike looking down at me. My heart was jackhammering in my chest so I gulped in a few deep breaths as I looked around. Bars. We were in some kind of dimly lit dank basement dungeon. So much for the plan to split up but at least we weren't dead yet.
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November 23rd, 2005 at 10:41pm]

I couldn’t sleep a soddin’ wink as I kept on thinkin’ about everythin’ that I learned the night before. Well, the whole Dawn and Faith thing. My little Niblet … bein’ with a girl, more so a soddin’ Slayer. Have to say she did good for herself, I prefer Slayers as well. Only bad thing? My Slayer was off bein’ married, playin’ that role. She was so quick to forget about me, but maybe that was what was best for her, seein’ as I wasn’t supposed to come back. Wonder what I’d say to her when I did see her, if I did see her.

Everything was so confusin’ to me and … I really didn’t know why I was brought back. Dawn said somethin’ about me bein’ a key to something but really? Why would I be that? I’m just a vampire that maimed and tortured everything in sight until I killed whoever I was maimin’ at the time.

The mornin’ came, but we still had to wait for nightfall, again. Didn’t want to go out just to turn into a big pile of dust, now did I? Think not. Stayed in the hotel all day, watchin’ the telly while Dawn wandered around which was probably what was best seein’ she walked in on me while I was wankin’. About her and Faith. Hopefully she wouldn’t even catch on to that part, and it was a good thing I didn’t finish cause now when I think about it … yeah, she’s my Niblet, but she’s grown up and what a fine bird she turned out to be. If things were different, then I’d quite possibly hit on her or something like that. She’s quite a catch.

When she did come back, we didn’t really say anything to eachother and when nightfall came we were gone and headed back on the road to wherever she was takin’ me. I didn’t much pay attention to anything, just the basics of the situation.

After a few hours on the road, I noticed a car comin’ up on us quickly and they wouldn’t pass us.

“Best be good if you either speed up or move out of the way Nib,” I said and gave her a look, but she just rolled her eyes and moved into the other lane. The car came up next to us and I turned my head, givin’ them a glance and I realized they were vampires. Bumpies and all.

”Soddin’ hell,” I muttered and then my eyes went wide when they tried to ram into us. “Brakes, love, brakes!” I yelled and Dawn hit the brakes, which made me hit the dash and the car went off the road.

“What the bloody hell …?” Lookin’ ahead, they all jumped out of the car and stood there, watchin’ us.

“Guess now is good time as any to see if I’m rusty on my fightin’, eh?” I commented dryly and looked at Dawn. “Got a stake?”
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Look out stranger, there's a dark cloud moving in [Thursday
October 20th, 2005 at 3:27pm]

After I told Spike about Buffy being married and totally pregnant he got sort of quiet and despite my threat of leaving him in the middle of nowhere if he didn't start answering some questions I decided to give him some space. He was still really upset about Buffy and I didn't actually blame him considering he used to be like all about my sister. Just like everybody else was. I was just here to deliver the good or bad news about what she was doing now. Not that I actually expected Spike to care about me considering we'd spent a whole summer together, where he was my only friend. But I knew that was a long time ago and I wasn't just some dumb fifteen year old with a crush on my big sister's almost boyfriend anymore. I was twenty one and alot of things had changed since I'd been a dumb teenager with a crush. I mean, there were like a million slayers now instead of just Buffy and Faith. I guess some old habits were hard to break. I was a watcher now too, I'd already watched like a lot of slayers and I had all kinds of experience. More experience than most watchers my age had and I knew that was because Giles sometimes played favorites but I was really good at what I did. Also, there was the whole part where I was a lesbian now but I wasn't about to just give Spike that kind of information. Not that he really cared anyway.

Instead of grilling him like I wanted to, I let him fiddle around with the stereo in the really old rusty car that Giles had given me to take with me on my trip to the southern part of England to find the relic that was really crazy Spike in a church basement. After Spike mumbled and grumbled about the cd's I had in my cd wallet, like there was something wrong with The Spice Girls. They were totally cool! I mean, they would be totally cool if they hadn't broken up and stuff but they were still cool. Who didn't like them? Well, I guess most people but especially Spike. Finally he realized that he wasn't going to find a radio station this far removed from civilization so instead he chain smoked and stared moodily out the window. Like that was really helping anyone! Time was running short and I had things I needed to look into. But I got the sense that Spike really just needed to be left alone so he could get all broody about Buffy. Like that was something new. God, what was up with my sister's effect on vampires? It was a little uncanny.

I drove in silence for miles and miles and finally four hundred miles later we pulled into a city. Spike was looking even paler than usual which was saying something, and I wanted to ask him how long it had been since he'd had any blood but I didn't think he'd answer my question right now anyway. He was the moodiest vampire ever, but I totally get cranky when I'm hungry too so I could sort of understand it and I figured the interogation could wait until after he'd finally gotten something to eat. Finally we pulled up in front of another bed and breakfast and I pointed out the street directly across from the one I'd just parked in.

"That's the main part of town, I'm sure you can find a butcher shop there. I'm going to get us a room." He gave me a nod before heading off and disappearing into the shadows like some figure from a bad horror movie. I knew that he'd come back because where else would he go? And he told me that he didn't want to see Buffy but I was sure at some point he was going to change his mind and go stomping through her life again. This time I was pretty sure that Buffy could handle it though. She'd just gotten to a point in her life where she was strangely stable. I guess that happened to most people after awhile, even if they were slayers.

Once I'd gotten us a room I dragged my stuff upstairs and started digging through my suitcase for the book I needed so that I could do more research on the relic that was supposed to save us from the Order that had been picking off all my slayers one by one. It was part of the reason I'd sent Faith off to Africa with Xander, because I was afraid for her. Not that she couldn't totally hold her own or anything but I worried about her sometimes. Things were getting desperate and I needed to learn as much about Spike's role in this as I could. I was smart enough to know that the hard part was going to be convincing Spike that he needed to help me with this. Maybe he would help anyway. I mean, Buffy wasn't exempt from being a slayer even if she wasn't an active one anymore. Maybe he would do it for her, because I already knew that he wasn't going to do it for me.

Flopping down on the bed I started going through the books, cross referencing one thing to another and an hour had barely passed when I started to feel a little burntout. Even when you were a geek it was hard to stare at a book for that long without feeling like you were seeing double. I should probably sleep but I knew that I'd never be able to sleep if I just gave up now. Spike hadn't come back yet but I wasn't entirely surprised. He was like a creature of the night or whatever so he was probably doing creatury things. Like drinking. Alot. Actually, drinking didn't sound like the worst idea ever and I could use a drink if I was going to be pouring over books and driving all the time.

With a shrug I got up off my bed and quickly changed my clothes into an outfit that didn't scream 'hi, I'm a complete dork' before heading out into the night. There had to be a bar around here somewhere. It wasn't long until I found one and I walked in and sat at the bar before ordering myself something strong. It was going to be a long night.
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September 13th, 2005 at 4:41pm]

[ mood | blank ]

My fingers moved slowly over the skin of her stomach before finally I stopped and opened my eyes. It was Dawn ... still and she was here. Movin' away slowly, I laid on my back and grabbed a fag, lightin' it up and smokin' it as I looked toward the window. The sun was almost fadin' away, I could see it through the curtains and I was sure that we would be leavin' again. I guess goin' to London since I'm this bloody relic that she's thinkin' that I am. Whatever that is, don't much care, least I'm not alone now. Pushin' myself out of the bed, I gave her another look before walkin' around to the other side. She looked asleep and by the sound of her heartbeat, she was. Took another pull from my smoke before crushin' it out and openin' up the door, seein' my clothes there folded and such. Least I had some clean clothes.

Pullin' them on after I closed the door, I sat on the edge of the bed and felt her movin' around. Turnin' around when I put on my boots, I looked her over before layin' on the bed behind her and grinnin'. "Wake up Nib, nighttime, need some blood," I whispered and squeezed her tight before lettin' go and gettin' off the bed. Movin' my fingers around in my hair for a bit, I waited for her to get up. Needed blood, needed more fags and there were also some other things I needed.

Needed to talk to Buffy. Needed to make sure she was alright and all that rot, specially since what we parted on. Didn't mean it, didn't ... want it get that far, but it's too late and that's what happened. Now it was ... years later and I didn't even know what day it was, I didn't know what month, didn't know anythin'.

Angel was dead and gone and now it was just me left. Wondered for a moment if Dru was here or not, could see her, but what good would I be to her? Had a soul, wonder if she'd take me in anyway. Could use a bit of my dark princess ... and some of my light, but the light was somethin' that I couldn't have anymore. She wouldn't want me after what I did to her.

Turned my head and saw Dawn gettin' up as I stood there, watchin' her.

"Gonna go up to the store, be back in a jif," I said and tilted my head. "Need anythin'?" Course I didn't have any money, but there was no harm in pilchin' it was there? Least I wasn't killin' anyone.

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Remember the weight of the world [Friday
September 9th, 2005 at 4:30am]

Giles had sent me on another stupid recon job. This time I didn't even have three or four slayers on call to do all the dirty work. No. I had to do it all myself. Totally not fair! I was supposed to help translate the relics, do the research and I train the slayers to go and find them. I wasn't supposed to find them myself! When I tried to argue about it Giles just gave me that look that he gets right before he has to clean his glass for like the tenth time in a row. He didn't even have to say it because I already knew. We were getting strapped for Slayers and that was a pretty bad thing when you considered the fact that we worked at Slayer Central in London. It was like the mecca for Slayers and we were running low.

Xander and Faith were off in Africa trying to find a few more stragglers, and Willow and Kennedy were touring most of Europe trying to find more of them. Five years ago there had been so many Slayers we didn't even know how we were going to begin housing and feeding and training them. Now? Now it was like they just started dying off. Okay. Maybe that was an exageration. They were dying off. Picked off one by one by a chain gang of Vampires that liked to call themselves the Order of Lairetcab.

We thought that Buffy would actually come back and start to slay again after it started happening but she never did. It wasn't like I blamed her and I was the first one to say that she deserved the happy normal life she had now. Husband. Baby on the way. The last thing on Buffy's mind was killing monsters. It took her so long to get over Angel after he burned up on the hellmouth to fight the First Evil that I was just glad that she could be happy now. Who would have thought that I'd be the Summers sister still in the demon fighting business? Not that it was business or that I ever actually fought the demons but I was a Watcher and I did my part. I researched stuff! After I lost my third Slayer in a row to the Lairetcab I decided that researching was where I belonged. Having a Slayer of my own only to watch her die for the fourth time was four too many times for me. So now? Now I was recon girl. Just because I didn't wanna really be a Watcher anymore didn't mean Giles could send me on all the crappy jobs!

I was still muttering to myself about how unfair it was as I wandered through the remains of the old church in Exmoor near the coastline. Giles had said something about an old tribe of Monks who used to live here until they were wiped out in some big storm like a really long time ago. The history was actually kind of interesting if you could ignore the really boring way that Giles was talking about it.

Okay, fine. I was the one who found out about the relic which was probably why I was the one who had to drive all the way from London all by myself to find it. The Scribes of Etaraets hadn't actually said what the relic was just that it was over one hundred years old and it was in the basement of this church. Whether it had been left by the monks or not I didn't know, I didn't even now what it was. Just that I could find it here. Hopefully my Sumerian wasn't totally horrible and I had actually read it right. I'd had Giles double check it a few times but he was getting really old and lately he'd started missing all kinds of stuff. I didn't want to think about Giles getting old because then I got the tummy rumblings. It was already hard enough to think about all the people I'd already lost over the years.

I was only twenty one and I'd buried more people than I wanted to really think about. Including my sister. Luckily, she came back but I didn't think the other girls would be that lucky.

Still clutching the flashlight in my hand I yelped a little bit when a rat went scurrying by my feet. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes for a minute before opening them again and making my way through the dusty old church. There were cobwebs so big in here I didn't even wanna see the spiders that made them. Gross.

I started walking down the stairs towards the basement and stopped in my tracks when I heard a voice softly in the distance. Narrowing my eyes I flashed the light down the stairs but was only greeted with the sight of more cobwebs and dust.

"Hello?!" I called out nervously. "Is someone there?"

More mumbling and this time it sounded familiar. Who was that? It couldn't be anybody I knew this far from London. Get it together, Dawnie. It was probably just some homeless guy who needed a place to stay and decided that this church would be perfect. Yeah. Like that wasn't creepy or anything. Totally B horror movie creepy. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a stake and clenched my fingers tightly around it. Just in case. It never hurt to be prepared. Every good Watcher knew that.

Walking carefully down the steps the voice started to get louder and I started to recognize it. But it...it couldn't be who I thought it was. It just couldn't.

When I walked further into the basement I finally saw him. Rumpled blonde hair topping a hunched over figure on the ground. He was rocking back and forth and talking to himself.

"Oh my God. Spike?" I practically whispered as I took a few tentative steps towards him.

It'd been five years since the hellmouth disappeared into a giant crater in the ground in Sunnydale. Five years. I hadn't seen Spike in six years. He'd disappeared after he'd tried to...after he tried to hurt my sister and none of us had heard from him since. We all just assumed he was dead.

"Spike? Is that you?"
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